Realme GT Neo3 debuts with 150W light-speed second charge

For the vast majority of users, the power problem of mobile phones is the biggest pain point. The smartphone industry collectively launched an offensive for this this year. One-hundred-watt flash charging has become the standard for new flagships, and flash charging speed is the key. Realme launched the world’s first 150W flash charge at the just-held MWC, and announced that the new phone Realme GT Neo3 will be the first to carry it, achieving a 50% charging effect in 5 minutes, becoming the fastest charging mobile phone in realme’s history, bringing flash charging into the countdown era.

Smart flash charging has always been the advantage of realme products. In February 2020, Realme X50 Pro was equipped with 65W flash charging for the first time and achieved “35 minutes full charge”. As a popularizer of flash charging, flash charging can bring high quality to more users. Experience; in July of the same year, realme took the lead in the industry to announce 125W smart flash charging technology, which achieved a flash charging speed of “33% blood recovery in 3 minutes” on the basis of a large 4000mAh battery; in 2021, realme released the world’s first Android magnetic suction wireless The charging technology MagDart, as realme’s latest exploration in a new field, solves the industry’s pain points such as the heat and slow speed of traditional wireless charging, and has become a new milestone in the field of mobile phone wireless charging. This time, the 150W flash charging technology released by realme has refreshed the industry flash charging speed record with the result of “50% charging in 5 minutes”, which truly leads the industry in the flash charging speed.

The industry also speculated that the Realme GT Neo3 or the upcoming Dimensity 8100, made the Realme GT Neo3 a popular model before it was released. It is understood that the Dimensity 8100 has greatly improved in 5G, AI, photography, video, games, etc., and the Realme GT Neo3 may have a very outstanding performance in terms of performance.

At MWC, realme also announced the world’s first 100W-200W light-speed second charging architecture, UDCA, and put it into commercial use. The UDCA light-speed second charging architecture also puts safety first. It integrates speed, safety and fast charging battery technology. It uses parallel multi-channel charge pumps to increase charging current, and achieves 150W high-power flash charging with lower conversion loss, lower resistance and lower temperature; it is also equipped with leading The algorithm’s temperature control management mechanism keeps the operating temperature below 43°C, ensuring that users do not need to worry about the risk of heat even if they use it for a long time. As for the real me GT Neo3, let’s look forward to it.

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