OPPO showcases 240W super flash charging technology: 4500mAh battery is fully charged in 9 minutes, setting a new record

OPPO released a series of new flash charging technologies at MWC Barcelona today. The 150W SuperVOOC will be launched by OnePlus. In addition, OPPO showed a 240W SuperVOOC super flash charge .

According to reports, this technology can charge a mobile phone with an equivalent 4500mAh battery from 0% to 100% in 9 minutes , and is compatible with mainstream fast charging protocols such as PD and PPS.

OPPO did not announce the commercial time of 240W, and 150W will be launched by OnePlus in the second quarter. Earlier, realme GT Neo3 announced the world’s first 150W fast charge, which can be charged to 50% in 5 minutes.

realme also announced the UDCA fast charging architecture, which is the first 100W-200W fast charging architecture. It uses a parallel multi-channel charge pump to increase the charging current, and achieves 150W high-power flash charging with lower conversion loss, lower resistance, and lower temperature. . The new fast charging architecture adopts a new temperature control management mechanism, which can keep the operating temperature below 43°C all the time.

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