Oppo K3 Tips and Tricks That You Need to Know

Oppo K3 smartphone android based ColorOS has already official. In this article, we will be talking about Top Oppo K3 Tips and Tricks That You Need to Know…

1. New UI

We’ve implemented a borderless concept in ColorOS 6. The new Oppo K3 comes with a lot of white and gradient backgrounds to make the user interface simpler and more spacious. A rich, beautiful and intuitive user experience awaits you!


2. Smart Gestures

Tap to open the app – so boring, come on its 2019! Oppo K3 supports gestures which elevate your smartphone experience. Just make the gesture on the screen and you open an app/function instantly. Moreover, you can also customize the gestures and assign your favorite apps.


3. App Drawer

Yes! Oppo K3 comes with an app drawer and you can also search your apps quickly with the help of a search bar.


4. Improved Game Space

We know that you guys are hardcore games and want the best from your device while playing intensive graphics game. The new game space comes with revamped UI, optimizations, and lots of features.


5. Smart Driving

Safety comes first! We encourage our fans not to use smartphones while driving and in case it becomes unavoidable,  Oppo K3 gets you covered. We have two modes – Driving mode for cars and Riding modes for the motorcycle.


6. Improved Smart Assistant

Smart assistant gets a new design and all your meetings, travel bookings, and events are now at your fingertips. You can check out the screenshot below and we will share all the details soon!



Clock, Calculator, Weather, Music, and other apps have never looked this hip and cool. Same functions but just better looking.


You can now take a screenshot while gaming without a pause or the screenshot picture popping up since screenshot will show a notification that it was done. You can tap the notification to view it or do it later.

Note: Old way of taking a screenshot is still available in some instances.

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