OnePlus 7 Pro Display supports 90Hz refresh rate, which is the first device from OnePlus

OnePlus has decided to change that this year and has successfully launched its flagship OnePlus 7 Pro, which the company calls its ultra-premium smartphone. OnePlus 7 Pro Display supports 90Hz refresh rate, which is the first device from OnePlus.

OnePlus 7 Pro Display supports 90Hz refresh rate

Starting with the screen, the OnePlus 7 Pro features a 6.67-inch full Fluid AMOLED display that comes with a QHD+ resolution and refreshes rates of up to 90Hz, which is the first device from OnePlus.So that means it’s sharper and definitely better looking than the displays on the older Oneplus smartphones. This new display is claimed to be super smooth and bright with a pixel density of 516ppi and is also said to provide immersive gameplay or video playback in ultra high resolutions. The Fluid display represents smoother animations while scrolling and opening your day to day apps, according to OnePlus.

We have been wanting a QHD+ display on the Oneplusflagship and we finally get. there is an option here to set the resolution to auto or 1080p to save up some battery life. Anyway, Oneplus did not just stop at QHD+. The display here is called fluid ambulant because it also has a high refresh rate of 90 Hertz. People are aware of the higher the refresh rate the smoother the content will look. Now the 90 Hertz refresh rate is not something I can show you an article. In fact, you have to use this phone to see its effect. But I tell you this the 90s refresh rate it makes everything smoother the UI, the transitions everything.

To honest you won’t notice a huge difference straightaway while just suffering through the UI but when you switch back to 60 Hertz you will realize how smooth ninety Hertz makes things. Its impact is obviously more noticeable in games. Now there is an option to set the refresh rate to the standard 60 Hertz if you want to save some battery.

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