New OnePlus 7 leak might disappoint you!!!

OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro will be launched on May 14th and today we have the first look of the OnePlus 7 and it looks exactly like the OnePlus 6T. New OnePlus 7 leak might disappoint you!!!

So most of the OnePlus 7 leaks and rumors that we heard in the past have pointed out to a device that has an all screen display and a pop-up camera. We’ve also seen that this upcoming device will have a curved which Samsung made famous on their high-end devices.

Now, we have a new leak which may disappoint a lot of you who are waiting for this phone. You see the phone that we’ve been hearing for months isn’t actually the OnePlus 7, it’s the OnePlus 7 Pro.

According to the Onleaks, one of the most reputable leaksters out there, shared the actual factory CAD renders of the OnePlus 7 and it looks exactly like the OnePlus 6T with that waterdrop notch and the same chin. The only minor notable difference is the rear flash, it now sits inside the camera bump with the two lenses, but other than that, there’s very little to tell them apart. The screen size surprisingly is gonna get smaller.

It’ll now have a 6.2″ display which would make for a smaller device than the 6T with its 6.4-inch display. Other than these minor differences, the OnePlus 6T and the OnePlus 7 will look exactly the same. Of course, the OnePlus 7 will get a new processor but that’s about it, don’t expect anything else.

So to make it clear, OnePlus will release 2 handsets next month OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. The Pro model as we already know will have a pop-up camera, all screen design, and a curved display.

Why do we think this might disappoint a lot of you is the price. You see, we are pretty certain OnePlus will keep the price of the regular OnePlus 7 exactly the same as the OnePlus 6T or might increase it by say $20. But the price of the OnePlus 7 Pro will surely be way higher.

It’s more than likely the OnePlus 7 Pro will also have 5G. OnePlus has said in the past that the 5G will increase the cost of the handset by a couple of hundred dollars. So keeping that in mind, since the OnePlus 7 Pro will likely have 5G, we’re expecting a price of at least $700. There is a higher chance that it’ll cost more than the $700 but for the time being, let’s say it’ll cost $700. It’ll surely put a lot of you OnePlus fans off.

Means, most of the people who were excited about this year’s OnePlus handset was because of this all screen design and pop up camera.

Now, you guys have to realize that you’ll have to pay significantly higher to get the OnePlus 7 Pro than what you’ve paid for the OnePlus 6T. The regular OnePlus 7 isn’t even worth upgrading for the OnePlus 6T owners because there’s practically no difference at all.

OnePlus will launch the handset on May 14th, it’s less than a month from now. Also, the CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau is teasing something on Twitter that he’ll let us know about their upcoming device on Wednesday that’s today. Not sure if this is something related to the OnePlus 7 or a different device.

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