Best Moto G7 Tips and Tricks or Hidden Features

Moto G7 Tips and Tricks

You will be able to know topMoto G7 Tips and Tricks or Hidden Features. That You Must Check Out. Today we are here with Detail guide on Moto G7 hidden features.

Moto G7 Specifications
Moto G7 Plus specifications


This stores all your credentials like usernames and passwords to auto-fill login details for all apps. Google already offers auto-fill feature if you have Android Oreo. You can use Google Auto-fill and skip Moto Key.


Now, one of the reasons that Motorola stuck the Moto G6’s fingerprint sensor beneath the screen is so you can use the new navigation gestures. This replaces that on-screen navigation bar with a series of pokes and swipes, using that scanner.

Head to the Moto app and then dive into the Moto Actions section and you’ll find the One Button Nav set up. Motorola has included a handy tutorial to guide you through the different gestures.


That 5.7-inch IPS display can be tweaked to your liking in a couple of different ways.

Head to the display settings and you can toggle between the standard mode and vibrant mode – the latter is activated by default and makes your images a bit more vivid, so those colors really pop.

Head to the Moto app and then tap Moto Display and you’ll also find the Night Display mode. This can be scheduled to automatically produce warmer visuals between dusk and dawn, which is more comfortable on your peepers when the light is low.


The normal way to take a screenshot is to press the volume down button and the power button at the same time. Once you enable Quick screenshot, you can just touch the screen with three fingers to take a screenshot.


For one-handed use (which might be useful on the Moto G6 Plus given its size), you can shrink the screen. The option is located in the Moto app which you can find by going to Moto Actions > Swipe to shrink screen. After you toggle the feature on, simply swiping down to the left or right will shrink the screen to its respective corner allowing you to easily access different apps.

Moto Actions also provides you with a variety of different features to make using your phone easier all with simple gestures. When you go the Moto app, tap on Moto Action and you’ll be brought to a list of different ones you can toggle on. There is Quick Screenshot — allowing you to touch and hold on the screen with three of your fingertips to capture it, along with Pick up to stop ringing which turns incoming calls to vibrate when you lift your device, among others


First up, you can open the camera at any time – even when the phone is hibernating – by quickly twisting your wrist twice. Handy if you want to take an impromptu shot.

Once you’re into the app, you can take a quick snap by tapping that on-screen button, or alternatively, tap the volume rocker. And if you want to manually tweak how your photo looks before you take it, you can dive into the manual settings by tapping the icon at the top left corner. This opens up a fulls set of controls for you to play around with.

The Moto G6 camera also includes object recognition. Just tap that boxing icon at the bottom of the screen and whatever you’re looking at will be analyzed. You’ll then be provided with any relevant information, as well as shopping links when appropriate.


Baked into Android 8.0 Oreo, the split-screen feature on the Moto G6 allows you to have two apps open on the screen at once. Simply open an app and then press and hold either the recent apps or the multitasking button. The app that was already open will then only take up half the screen and the other app will be placed at the bottom of the screen. To exit split-screen mode, tap and hold the recent apps button again or drag the resize bar up or down.


Starting with Android Oreo we get this new feature, Picture in Picture mode. If you’re using Google Maps and press home button, it’ll shrink in size and float on screen all the time. We can even watch YouTube in this Picture in Picture mode, but you need to have YouTube RED subscription for that. Finally, to close it, you can hold and drag it to the bottom and it’ll close.


With the Moto G6 series, you can use Face Unlock to unlock your phone by looking at it. To set up the feature, go to Settings > Security & Location > Face Unlock. You have to make sure your screen lock setting is set up first which you can do by tapping on the Screen lock section. After that is complete, tap on Face Unlock to begin the process — simply align your face using the front-facing camera and wait for it to capture your facial features. This will automatically toggle on the Bypass lock screen setting which allows the phone to unlock when you press the power key once your face is matched.

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