iPhone SE starts at 3499 yuan: panic about Android premium?

Apple released a new generation of iPhone SE, starting at 3,499 yuan. This phone continues the design language of the iPhone 8. The biggest upgrade point is that it is equipped with an A15 bionic chip and supports 5G networks.

ZTE Lv Qianhao pointed out that the new iPhone SE has greatly lowered the threshold for 5G flagship performance iPhones. Although the specifications such as the image fast charging screen are also a new low for the iPhone, iOS still has its own ecological closed-loop advantages.

More importantly, the official price of 3,499 yuan can easily reach 2,999 yuan in the 618 and other promotional festivals, which means that the new iPhone SE will have a certain impact on the mid-to-high-end Android phones in the 2599-3999 price range, especially for some Android phones. The so-called premium differentiation of mobile phones has created considerable competitive pressure.

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