iPhone 14 Pro real machine rendering exposure: hole-digging screen style has changed

This morning, foreign media exposed the real rendering of the iPhone 14 Pro. From the overall appearance, there is indeed no bangs, and the punch screen also uses two holes, one large and one small, forming a horizontal exclamation mark shape. , but it is not as long as the previous exposure, but the control is relatively narrow.

Let’s first feel the appearance of the latest exposure:

This double-hole solution of the screen is also the first in the industry, in which the proactive and Face ID components are placed separately, and the two areas are combined and placed in the center, unlike the double-hole pills seen before, which are in the play, and On the right is another camera.

And is the overall golden color in the rendering also the first color in the iPhone 14 Pro series? The rear camera module is not so convex, and the overall form is a flat module, rather than a form that exists independently. This is Apple’s Some design optimizations have been made.

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