iOS 13 tips and tricks or Hidden features

At WWDC 2019, Apple unveiled the new version of iOS 13. The focus is on much-improved performance, a new Dark Mode and a completely overhauled Maps app. If you are wondering what is the iOS 13 Tips and Tricks or Hidden Features, In this article, we will show new features of iOS 13 and tips & tricks.

iOS 13 tips and tricks or Hidden features

iOS 13 is designed to give your iPhone a whole new look. And take it to a whole new level.

#1. Dark Mode

A new Dark Mode option gives iOS and apps a beautiful dark color scheme. Perfect for low-light environments, Dark Mode is easier on your eyes and won’t disturb people around you.

Enable: Go to Setting> Display & Brightness> Then choose dark option

Dark Mode is beautifully integrated throughout iOS, from built-in apps and settings to system-level views. Dark mode allows you to use your phone in dark environments comfortably so what you’ll notice is that a lot of the interface gets darker and that makes it so much easier to use when you’re in a dimly lit environment.

#2. Video Editing

Nearly everything you can do with a photo you can now do with a video. Adjustments, filters, and crop support video editing, so you can rotate, increase exposure, or even apply filters to your videos. Video editing supports all video formats captured on iPhone, including video in 4K at 60 fps and slo-mo in 1080p at 240 fps.

#3 Find Offline Devices

iOS 13 brings the ability to find devices that are offline or even turn off. So with iOS 13 and Mac OS, Apple devices send out Bluetooth signals can be picked up by other Apple devices out there to help you locate your device.

Locate a missing device even if it’s not connected to Wi‑Fi or cellular using crowd‑sourced location. When you mark your device as missing and another Apple user’s device is nearby, it can detect your device’s Bluetooth signal and report its location to you. It’s completely anonymous and encrypted end‑to‑end, so everyone’s privacy is protected.

#4. Take a Long Screen Shot

In iOS brings important new feature that most awaited for users, now finally user can take long screenshot on his iPhone. A typical screenshot only shows what appears on your display, but a scrolling screenshot can capture a long webpage or long conversation. Sometimes you need more than a standard screenshot. We’ll show you how to do it.

How to use: Press the volume up + Power button in same time then tap on the screenshot that appears in the bottom of the screen and tap on Full page and set the length of the screenshot.

#5. Voice Control

iOS 13 Introducing a new way to control your iOS devices, entirely with your voice. Go to settings> Accessibility> Voice control> tap on to enable it.

Navigation commands give you quick ways to open apps, search the web, press the Home button, and more.

Voice Control understands contextual cues, so you can seamlessly transition between text dictation and commands. For example, say “Happy Birthday. Tap send.” in Messages, and Voice Control sends “Happy Birthday” — just as you intended. You can also say “Delete that,” and Voice Control knows to delete what you just typed.

You can rely entirely on your voice to navigate an app. Comprehensive navigation is provided by navigation commands, names of accessibility labels, numbers, grids, voice gestures, and recorded commands.

#6. Combine App limits

This year Apple made screen time better now there’s obviously new like parental controls limits based on count-backs but there’s one thing we really like and that’s the ability to set combined app limits.

How to use: Go to settings> screen time> App limits> tap on to enable it and then tap Add limit,

For example- if you spend a couple of hours daily gaming on your iPhone when iOS 13 you can create a combined limit for all the games in your iPhone. Now you can set the limit of a particular app.

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