Huawei Maintains Second Spot in Smartphone Market

Huawei Maintains Second Spot in Smartphone Market

According to Gartner Inc, Global sales of smartphones to end users declined 2.7 percent in the first quarter (Q1) of 2019, totaling approx 370 million units, and despite its absence from the US, Huawei Maintains Second Spot in Smartphone Market globally and continued to reduce the gap with Samsung.

Huawei registered ARK OS trademark

Huawei ARK OS will be compatible with all Android apps

Huawei will also develop a Play Store alternative

Once again Huawei Smartphone added on Android Q Beta Page

The data shows, In the first quarter of 2019, Huawei achieved the highest year-over-year growth among the world’s top five, growing 44.5% and smartphone sales totaling 58.4 million units. On the other hand, Samsung retained is still on top spot with 19.2% market share along with 71.6 million units.

Unavailability of Google apps and services on Huawei smartphones, if implemented, will upset Huawei’s international smartphone business which is almost half of its worldwide phone business. Not the least it brings apprehension among buyers, limiting Huawei’s growth in the near term,” said Mr. Gupta.

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