Why Has Huawei EMUI10 Won the 2019 Industry Innovation Award

Huahuo News announced at the news “2019 Awards Ceremony” that it stands out from 438 finalists. After fierce competition, it stands out from the Star Award, Industry Innovation Award, Professional Choice Award, User Choice Award, Enterprise Product Award, and other awards. Among them, Huawei EMUI10 won the 2019 Industry Innovation Award for its distributed technology. This is also the first cross-terminal software product to win this honor in 20 years.

Huawei EMUI10 supports multi-device smooth connection, allowing users to experience the convenience of full scene calls. No need to install an application, dial-up to make 1080P HD video calls with other Huawei devices. Of course, this is just one of the application scenarios. Others include using Huawei AI speakers to connect incoming calls, using a mobile phone to dial the smart screen at home to video chat with family members, and sharing the beauty shot by a drone in real-time to friends and so on.

In the office process, we often encounter scenarios that require mobile phone and computer data transmission, but traditional methods such as connecting data cables and opening the same social software online transmission require more steps. The multi-screen collaboration function of Huawei EMUI10 can change this situation: one-touch operation does not consume data, supports multi-screen operation, and can drag and drop to complete the file transfer between the computer and the mobile phone. After the file is connected to the computer, it can continue to play or edit.

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Download and install EMUI 10 Beta For Huawei and Honor Phones

In addition to advantageous features, performance improvement is also one of the important performances of Huawei EMUI10. Link Turbo breakthrough realizes the convergence of Wi-Fi network and mobile network communication, GPU Turbo reduces touch latency by 40% and other advantages. The optimized blessing significantly improves the system performance experience.

The exterior design of the system adds simulation of natural elements, and the application of Morandi color makes the design full of low-key high-level sense. Based on a lot of human factors research, EMUI10 also explores the animation effect from the parabolic trajectory, Springbank after pressing the spring, and visually instinctive instinct, adding the dark mode to bring a more comfortable immersive reading experience.

As the main operating system vesion of Huawei smartphones and tablets, Huawei EMUI10 not only has a full range of visual design innovations, bringing meticulous details and quality experience but also has the ability to open a smart life in all scenes, allowing the mobile phone operating system The upgrade is not limited to changes in appearance and enhancement of regular functional experience.

In short, an excellent operating system must not only have a comfortable sensory and intimate operating experience but also an accurate prediction of future trends is indispensable. And Huawei EMUI10 is exactly the same. What’s your opinion on this? Welcome to the comment below.

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