How to Use Oneplus 7 camera Pro Mode

Oneplus cameras are shipping with better and better cameras each year, and there are so many apps available to help you capture the best-looking photograph: from filters right through to camera apps with built-in manual controls. Even if your phone doesn’t ship with a built-in manual mode, there are plenty of apps on the market that can even bring better-looking pictures to older handsets. In this post, we are here with How to Use Oneplus 7 camera Pro Mode?

For the uninitiated, the sheer number of settings can be overwhelming at first, so this guide will help explain the most common settings and how you should use Oneplus  7 and 7Pro camera Pro Mode.



ISO adjusts the light sensitivity of the image sensor. A lower setting makes it less sensitive to light, while a higher one will make it more sensitive. This controls how detailed or grainy an image ultimately is—the lower the ISO you can get away in a given situation, the better.


This changes the size of the hole in the lens that allows light in. It goes hand-in-hand with ISO and is used to achieve the shallow depth of field you see in portrait photography.


There so many filters available in a smartphone camera and in so many app Preset filters, like on Instagram…but before you take the picture.


Auto Focus or Manual Focus. There is two focus mode. But if you want to click an awesome photograph then you should choose manual focus mode.

The very first thing you need the lens to do is moving its focusing element to the correct position to get the shot you want. Unless you’re using a phone like the first Moto E, your phone has an autofocus unit. For the sake of brevity, we’ll rank the three main technologies by performance here.


It allows you to adjust for the lighting in your situation. This is primarily controlled with presets, like Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, and the like.


High Dynamic Range is also a setting that is increasingly common even in basic smartphone apps and is a quick and easy way to boost the look of your pictures. You should easily be able to spot extra contrast and more vibrant looking colors in many shots just by flicking HDR on and this makes it tempting just to leave this setting on for every shot.

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