How to use Air Motion in LG G8 ThinQ

If you are wondering how to use Air Motion in LG G8 ThinQ. Here is the new way to control your LG G8 ThinQ. Let me introduce LG G8 ThinQ Air Motion.

How to use Air Motion in LG G8 ThinQ

  • Go to settings
  • Then tap on General
  • Scroll down and tap on Air Motion
  • Now enable “Shortcut and capture” or ” Control music” and videos
  • You can select two applications
  • Tap on “Shortcut and capture”
  • Then Tap on Swipe left and Right to choose your desire application like Gallery or Music.

How to use:

  • Activate Air Motion by placing your hand 4 inches away for your camera.
  • When is activated place your slightly curved hand 6 inches away from your front camera?
  • G Camera will recognize your hand ready to use Air Motion
  • If you Swipe your hand to the left it goes to Gallery application and when you swipe to the right it goes to Music application.
  • In the Music application, you can also Play and Pause songs via moving your hand left or right.
  • If you hold your hand for 2 seconds you can control volume. Turn your hand left to right to control volume.
  • If you want to end Air Motion just Pinch.
  • You can also use Air Motion on Youtube, Netflix or other apps.

How to Take Screenshot:

  • Place your hand 6 inches away from your camera and just Pinch.

I hope you understand all about How to use Air Motion in LG G8 ThinQ. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box. We can solve your problem.
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