How to set up Face Unlock in Huawei P20 Smartphone

You will be able to Learn How to set up Face Unlock in Huawei P20 lite, P20, and P20 Pro. Today we are here with Detail guide on Root Huawei P20 lite, P20, and P20 Pro. this all process one by one that easy to understand.

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Facial authentication features on Android devices are often not as secure as Face IDon Apple’s iPhone X, and the same rings true with the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. You cannot use Face Unlock to access secure services like banking apps — it’s purely a convenient way to quickly unlock your phone from the lock screen.

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If you didn’t configure Face Unlock when you first set up your device, simply go to Settings > Security & privacy > Face unlock.  

You either need to enter your existing PIN or set one up to use Face Unlock. You then see the Enroll face screen that provides details about the functionality. Tap Continue > Allow. 

You will see around viewfinder screen appear — make sure your face is centered and in good light, and the phone will register your face.

You can then choose how you want Face Unlock to work. Direct unlock will automatically scan for your face and unlock the phone when the screen turns on, and Slide to unlock will require you to slide the screen to head to the home screen after the phone registers your face. You can also require lock screen notification content to be hidden until your face has been scanned.

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