9 Tips How to save battery on Galaxy Watch Active

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s article, We will go over save battery in Galaxy watch active. If you’re wondering How to save battery on Galaxy Watch Active. This all process one by one that easy to understand.

How to save battery on Galaxy Watch Active

It’s time to tell you about 9 tips to conserve battery life on your Galaxy Watch active. Now as you guys know that Samsung claims that it can run you for 4 days but unfortunately that’s not true, it does not go for 4 days it hardly even goes beyond a single day. But right now I just want to tell you about these 9 tips that you can use to conserve battery life on your Galaxy watch Active.

1. Lower Screen Brightness

The number on tip that you can do to conserve battery is to turn your brightness low. So you can do that by simply swiping from the down on the Home screen and go in the brightness and from there just dial it down.

2. Watch Face with Dark Background

To conserve battery life is again very simple now as you might know that this display on Galaxy Watch is basically an AMOLED display sp dark displays or dark background actually are not connecting any light so the turned off. So you can conserve battery life by just having watch faces at a dark or have dark, you know and beyonds to them so just tap on it and select any one watch faces that has a dark background.

3. Auto Low Brightness

My tip number 3 for you is to turn on auto low brightness and to turn that on Go to settings> Display> Auto low brightness go in there and turn it on and what it basically does is that it adjusts the screen brightness according to the environment. So if you’re in darker room reduce the brightness automatically.

4. Turn Off Connections

Now the next tip that I want to tell you is the most important one and it will actually have a great impact on your battery life. If you are not using any connections and if your device connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, turn off everything else to so turn off your connections and to do that Go to settings> Connections. Turn off everything else except Bluetooth because you have it connected to your smartphone and that is important obviously you want your Galaxy watch to beginner tutorial device but turn off everything else. Turn off Wi-Fi, NFC if you’re not using it and you turn off location because of you will probably be using the location from your device so turn that off.

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5. Turn Off Auto Heart Rate

The next tip is to turn off auto heart rate now that is on by default when you get to device and you know unbox it and you wear it, it’s turned on so you have to turn that off as well if you are not using Fitness features very regularly.

You can turn it off by Go to S Health App> Settings> Auto HR, Turned it off.

6. Turn Off Always Screen On/ AOD

If you want to get that you know extra juice out f the battery you have to turn it off because it drains your battery faster than anything else. Go to settings> Style> Watch Always On. just turn it off.

7. Limit Screen Time Out

Now if you have your watch always on feature turned off you have to select this time mode because it will actually control after how much time your watch will turn off or your watch face will turn off completely. So you can turn it off or you can control it. Go to Settings> Display> Screen Time Out.

8. Turn On Greyscale

Go to Settings> Accessibility> Vision> Greyscale. And turn on, once you have this turn on it was turn your screen to greyscale and everything will turn to black and white and you’ll not be able to see any colors, this actually also improves the battery life on your Watch.

9. Turn On Battery Saver

Simply long press the Menu button and then Power saving option. Turn this on and it will again turn your screen to grayscale but the functionality is limited.

You will not be able to use any apps but you will keep on getting notification from your device. So the functionality gets limited but it improves your battery life significantly and gives you that extra juice at the time when you really need it.

I hope to use to understand all about How to save battery on Galaxy Watch Active? If you have any problem then ask in the comment box.  We can solve your problem. If you liked this post share it on social (FacebookTwitter, LinkedInTumblr) media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

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