How to Run Digital Wellbeing in Realme Smartphone

If you want to know about what Digital Wellbeing and how to work it. Then you come to the right place. Here is the full guide on Digital Wellbeing in the Realme Smartphone.

Among the many new features in Android, one of the most useful features was Digital Wellbeing — Google’s attempt at helping people regain control over their smartphone addiction. However, even now this feature isn’t available on a whole lot of devices other than the Pixel line up of smartphones, and some Android One phones in the wild. So, if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on it, here is how you can get Digital Wellbeing on any Android phone.


Digital wellbeing is a term used by health professionals, researchers and device manufacturers to describe the concept that when humans interact with technology, the experience should support mental and/or physical health in a measurable way. The goal of improving digital wellbeing is to design technology in such a way that it promotes healthy to use and proactively assists the user to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Now the latest update of ColorOS Here is some improvement and also add some most important features like Digital Wellbeing, Dark mode. So now you can use these features in your Realme Smartphones. Some of Realme smartphone already has already got this update.


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