How to Enable Focus Mode in Android 10

Android 10 comes with new tools designed to help you disconnect. The biggest of these is Focus Mode. Here’s how it to turn on it. If you want to know How to Enable Focus Mode in Android 10 then you come to the right place.

But what exactly is Focus Mode? It’s basically a refined version of Do Not Disturb. It’s a mode that blocks notifications from specific apps while active, clearing away any open notifications from those apps, and stopping any further notifications from showing up while the mode is active. In addition, the offending apps will also be blocked during Focus Mode, stopping you from “accidentally” opening them when you should be doing something else.

Don’t worry about losing your notifications either, as previous notifications will be restored once you turn off the mode, in addition to any notifications that arrived while Focus Mode was active.

Enable Focus Mode in Android 10

  1. To enable the new Focus Mode, you must be the Digital Wellbeing beta.
  2. Sign up for the beta, and then go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing and parental controls > Ways to Disconnect.
  3. You’ll see three options – tap on each to set it up: Dashboard (set timers for specific apps).
  4. Wind Down (use Night Light to tint the screen for dim lighting and turn on Do Not Disturb).
  5. Focus Mode (pause apps such as Facebook or Instagram so that you can literally focus on and not get distracted).

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