How to enable floating notifications on Galaxy Note 9

You will be able to Learn How to enable floating notifications on Galaxy Note 9? Today we are here with Detail guide on floating notifications. If you are playing games on the mobile such as Fortnite then call or messaging during that time you can not focus on the game.

Fortnite Game is coming to Android, and Samsung is your exclusive first ticket in. Level up your gaming with the best experience with the latest Samsung devices Galaxy Note 9.

How to enable floating notifications on Galaxy Note 9?

Please follow the steps listed below :

  • Kick-start your favorite mobile game such as Fortnite.
  • Swipe to show the navigation bar and tap ‘Game Tools‘ to configure the settings.
  • Set the ‘No alert during game‘ toggle to ‘ON’
  • You can choose from 2 distinct styles of popups (In floating popup Or In notification only) that match your need.
  • When you receive a call in the middle of a game a mini popup will appear.

Want to play and text someone else at the same time?

  • Just tap on the floating messages icon in Game Tools to start chatting.

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I hope you understand all the article on How to enable floating notifications on Galaxy Note 9? If you have any problem then ask in the comment box.  We can solve your problem.

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