How to delete cache on Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

delete cache on Galaxy S10

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s article, We will go over delete cache Settings. If you’re wondering How to delete cache on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

How to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

  1. Open ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Now, scroll Down and tap on Apps-> Apps list.
  3. Under the list of apps, tap on the App, to clear its cache.
  4. Then, tap on Storage.
  5. Now, tap on CLEAR CACHE.

The above steps are required to delete the app cache on Android smartphones. Many times it happens that certain apps behave abnormally and cause different problems. So, instead of performing this action site-wide, we can clear the cache of that particular app or apps.

I hope you understand all about How to Fix Network Settings on Galaxy S10 & Galaxy S10 Plus. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box.  We can solve your problem.
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