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How to charged Smartphone correctly?

Electricity is like gasoline to a car. When we enjoy the smart life brought by a mobile phone, we can’t ignore the seemingly inconspicuous operation of charging. Many people have misunderstood the charging of mobile phones, such as recharging the electricity completely, charging and discharging the new mobile phone several times. So, How to charged Smartphone correctly?

Most mobile phones on the market today are equipped with fast charging, and their power is greatly improved compared with the past. Therefore, the wrong charging habit may increase the risk index. It is important to learn to correctly charge the mobile phone.

A considerable number of people are used to recharging when the phone is out of power. In fact, it is not needed at all. This will increase battery consumption. The correct way is to have a chance to charge, even if it is only a few minutes. In addition, keeping your mobile phone’s power between 65% and 75% can make your phone’s lithium battery life last longer.

Users may be accustomed to charging the battery to 100% and then unplugging the power. In fact, the lithium battery does not need to be fully charged. It is recommended to unplug the charger before it is fully charged. In addition, be sure to use the original, regular charger when charging, and do not charge all night, this will accelerate battery loss.

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