How does eSIM handle eSIM charges?

Having said all this, since eSIM is launched nationwide, how to handle it and how do you charge? According to reports, China Unicom has configured a variety of single products and contract product tariff policies for eSIM wearable independent number services.

What is eSIM and what are its benefits?

For a single product, there are two types of policies. One is the eSIM exclusive secondary card product. As a secondary card of the mobile phone’s main package, it can share resources with the main package and combine billing.

The other is eSIM exclusive package products. Set different tariff packages to meet the needs of different consumers. Consult the operator or equipment manufacturer for the specific price.

Presumably many users have questions about how mobile phones use eSIM? In fact, the application of eSIM on mobile phones has begun. According to Apple’s official website, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR can use the dual SIM function through a Nano SIM card and eSIM. Unfortunately, the domestic iPhone does not currently support eSIM.

Finally, do you have any other opinions on eSIM? Do you expect to use eSIM? Welcome message.

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