High Performance mode in Galaxy Note 10, Increases System Speed

Galaxy devises has power modes to choose from on Samsung’s flagship devices. There’s the default Optimized mode, a medium power saving mode, a maximum power saving mode, and a high-performance mode.

Here is a full guide on The high-performance mode, which would suggest a device would offer higher levels of performance over the other modes. This feature is also in Galaxy S10 Series but It didn’t really make a lot of sense, and Samsung finally realized that and has updated the high-performance mode to also increase the system speed on the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+.

If you want to try out the high-performance power mode on your Galaxy Note 10

  • First, open the Settings app,
  • Second tap Device care,
  • Then select Battery,
  •  Last tap Power mode.
  • Here, select High performance and hit the Apply button.

You can also change the power mode using its toggle in the notification shade (drag the notification shade down twice to see the full list of toggles).

Do let us know if you see any performance improvement once you’ve enabled that high-performance mode on your Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+! Share your experience in the comment box.

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