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What is GPU Turbo 3.0 in EMUI 9.1

If you want to know about GPU Turbo 3.0 in EMUI 9.1 than you come to the right place. Here are full details of what is GPU Turbo 3.0.

What is GPU Turbo 3.0 in EMUI 9.1

GPU Turbo is a soft and hard graphics acceleration technology that improves the performance of mobile GPUs. It opened up the EMUI operating system and the processing bottleneck between the GPU and the CPU. The traditional graphics processing framework was reconstructed at the bottom of the system, and the software and hardware coordination was realized, which greatly improved the overall efficiency of the GPU graphics operation.

On GPU Turbo 3.0, you can adapt to more popular games and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with high frame rate and low power consumption. Support AI image adjustment to make visual enjoyment even further.

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