Google Pixel 3XL Camera Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks

You will be able to know about Top 8 Google Pixel 3XL Camera Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks. Today we are here with Detail guide on Google Pixel 3XL Camera.

The Google Pixel 3XL comes with a number of new AI-based camera features, including Night Sight, Top Shot, Photo Booth and more.

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1. Night Sight

Night Sight completes the triumvirate of fancy new “computational photos” that Google is ushering in with the Pixel 3 (and will supposedly trickle down to earlier Pixel models). To some degree or another, all smartphones struggle with low-light environments, and if you know anything about photography at all, you know turning on flash is never the answer.

2. Top Shot

Top Shot is Google’s machine-learning strategy for making sure you never miss the perfect photo. In a nutshell, the 12.2-megapixel camera takes multiple HDR+ images in rapid succession, and then applies all it’s discovered from machine-learning analysis to suggest the perfect shot from the group.

This should help eliminate all those images of people with their eyes closed, dogs who turn away from the camera at the last moment, and even some bird photo-bombing your frame. You can also scroll through alternate images, and save that particularly awkward image of your spouse in mid-duckface. Should you choose to do so.

3. Super Res Zoom

For years and years, we tech journalists have warned of the compromises of “digital zoom,” a software technique that approximates the mechanical zoom of a telephoto lens, but always ends up in crap-looking images with lots of noise. But now Google says that by using machine learning via its Super Res Zoom feature, you can, in fact, get a clean, noise-free image with what is effectively digital zoom.


4. Photobooth

Photobooth Mode allows users to snap a photo with just a smile. To use the feature, all one needs to do is launch the default camera app on the Pixel 3 and select More > Photobooth. One can also ask Google Assistant to activate the feature with the “Open Photobooth Mode” command. Either way, once the mode is enabled, Photobooth recognizes smiles and funny faces (along with lighting, motion, and more) to capture photos automatically.

5. Improved HDR+ and Portrait Mode

This is the signature Google Pixel camera feature. Pixel 3’s camera comes with HDR+ on by default. The camera will capture up to 8 frames and merge them together to produce high-quality photos irrespective of lighting conditions, with zero shutter lag.

6. Dual front-facing cameras

Thanks to including not one but two 8-megapixel cameras on the front—one of them wide-angle—the Pixel 3 can capture selfies that offer 184 percent more scene content than what Apple users get via the iPhone Xs. The practical upshot? You no longer need to be the weirdo who totes around a selfie stick. Just zoom out and capture all of your pals.

7. Motion Auto Focus

Motion Auto Focus is a feature that’s generally found in high-end professional video cameras and can prove incredibly useful for those shooting sports scenes or wildlife videos. It helps maintain focus on a subject in the frame. You simply tap and lock the subject and the camera will focus on it automatically even as it moves. The feature is available on both the front and rear cameras on the Pixel 3 duo in both still and video modes.

8. Group selfie cam

Pixel 3 comes with dual front cameras for selfies that require a wider view. Users just double tap power button to open the camera and flick their wrist twice to activate selfie mode. From here, users zoom out to get to the group selfie.

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