Google Pixel 3a Tips and Tricks

Pixel 3a Tips and Tricks

The premium smartphone category has changed over the years. Apple has the iPhone XR, Samsung has the Galaxy S10e, even Huawei has the P30 and yesterday, Google launched the Pixel 3a and 3a XL. If you are wondering what is the Google Pixel 3a Tips and Tricks or Hidden Features. 

Google Pixel 3a Tips and Tricks

Lockdown Features in Pixel 3a

Lockdown is a feature that will disable the fingerprint sensor on your phone should you find yourself in a less-than-ideal situation. Once you trigger Lockdown, the Google Pixel 3a immediately locks and the only way to unlock it is to enter your passcode.

You’ll first need to enable Lockdown by going to 

Settings > Security & location > Lock screen preferences > Show Lockdown option

With Lockdown enabled, trigger it by holding in the power button and selecting Lockdown from the popup.

Pick a live wallpaper in Pixel 3a

The Pixel offers a range of “live” wallpapers, with subtle active elements in them giving some movement to your home screen. Long press on the home screen and select wallpaper. Then head to the “living universe” section and you’ll find those live wallpapers.

Squeeze to talk to Google Assistant

Like its predecessor, the Pixel 3a series has a squeeze feature that lets you invoke Google Assistant. Dubbed Active Edge, you can squeeze the sides of the phone to quickly launch Assistant or silence incoming calls. You can adjust the sensitivity of the Edge screen, and select when it can be triggered.

Wind Down in Pixel 3a

Digital Wellbeing keeps track of how many notifications you receive in a day, the number of times you pick up or unlock your phone, and how much time you spend in various apps on your phone.

Where to go: Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Wind Down. In Wind Down’s settings, you can also tailor how the feature works, including when the feature turns on/off, and whether or not you want grayscale and DND to activate during that time.

Cast your screen inPixel 3a

 Want your Android device on your TV? Just swipe down and tap Cast screen and it will be sent to your Chromecast. If it’s not there, add the Cast tile to your Quick Settings using the method mentioned above. Not all apps are supported though.

Use Digital Wellbeing to monitor your phone usage

One of the more interesting additions in Android 9.0 Pie is Digital Wellbeing. The feature not only lets you monitor how long you’ve used your phone but also lets you set timers to prevent overuse of apps. For instance, if you’ve set a 60-minute timer for Twitter, you will get a notification when you’re about to hit that limit. Should you exceed it, the app will be greyed out for the remainder of the day.

Digital Wellbeing also lets you see how many times you’ve unlocked your phone, the number of notifications received from a particular app, and so much more. If you’re spending too much time on Instagram or YouTube and need a way to cut down on that usage, Digital Wellbeing is an excellent tool for the job.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling inPixel 3a

Wi-Fi Calling is a handy feature if you’re in an area with poor reception.

Where to go: Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Wi-Fi calling.

Active Edge

You can still squeeze the sides of either Pixel 3a model to summon Google Assistant if you’re into that kind of thing. If you find yourself accidentally triggering Assistant, you can change the amount of pressure required to trigger the feature, or turn it off altogether.

Where to go: Settings > System > Gestures > Active edge.

Flip your phone to go into silent mode

As with everything else, you’ll be able to customize what gets muted when you select Do Not Disturb. You have the option of allowing calls from select contacts through, and customize the behavior for notifications.

DND also has rules that can be configured in a variety of ways, but with the Pixel 3, there’s an easier way to mute the device. Just flip it face down on a surface, and DND will kick in automatically. You can enable it by going to Settings -> Digital Wellbeing and toggling Flip to Shhh.

Flip to Shhh in Pixel 3a

One of my favorite features of the Pixel 3a is the ability to turn on DND and silence the phone just by placing it face down on a table or desk. To enable the feature go to Settings > System > Gestures > Flip to Shhh. It will admittedly take you some time to get used to the idea that your phone is silenced when you place it face down — and you may miss a phone call or two. But eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and find it to be a useful feature.

Switch to a dark theme in Pixel 3a

The Pixel 3a automatically cycle through light or dark theme based on your home screen background, but there is an option to switch to the dark theme manually. To do so, head to Settings -> Display -> Device theme and select Dark.

I hope you understand all aboutGoogle Pixel 3a Tips and Tricks. If you are planning to buy this device so comment below…

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