Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Home Screen Tips and Tricks

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., introduced a new line of premium smartphones: Galaxy Note 10. With two unique devices, And these devices run on Samsung OneUI. Each device delivers a next-generation experience. Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. If you are wondering Galaxy Note 10 Home Screen Tips and Tricks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Home Screen Tips and Tricks

#1. More apps on your screen

To get started….

  • Go to Display in the  Settings, 
  • Choose  Start screen 
  • And choose  Grid Start screen and  Raster Apps screen for 5 × 6. 
  • This ensures that 30 icons can be displayed on one page of your start and apps screens.

#2. Text size

You will also find the option in the Display menu  Text size and layout. You can opt for smaller letters here so that more text always fits in the image.

#3. Full-screen apps

If you are now in the  Display menu, then also tap  Apps on full screen. Not all applications automatically use the full-screen surface of your Galaxy Note 10. In principle, the operating system leaves it to the app itself, how much display is used, but sometimes you just want to choose it yourself. Tap the app in question, and set it to always use the full screen – including the part that also contains the front camera.

By the way: if you tap the three dots in the  Apps in the full-screen menu at the top right and choose Advanced settings, then you can choose Hide Crop Camera. The Note 10 switches the screen portion where the front camera is completely off – so if you want.

#4. Quick settings

Now we still have to ensure that the Quick settings are no longer spread over three pages on the notification screen. So swipe this screen down on the screen, and again to show all. Now tap the three dots, choose  Button Grid,  and select 5 × 3.

#5. Menu bar gone

If you want to have even more screen available for your content, you can also switch off the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. You then switch completely to gesture navigation: with swipe movements from the bottom you choose  Back,  Home or  Recent apps. We ourselves think this is a great option, but we also know that by no means everyone likes it – so try it out if it is for you.

You can find the option again via Settings under  Display and the Navigation bar optionSelect  Full-Screen Gestures. If you want to see exactly where you need to swipe for navigation, make sure that the switch at  Gestures hints is on.

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