Finally, Google Play Store got Dark Mode features

Finally, the Google Play Store got a dedicated dark mode for its Play Store, which would match up with its new Android 10 system-wide dark theme.

Android 10 started rolling out last week, with the system-wide dark mode one of its headline features. Android users and dark mode enthusiasts have now started spotting a similar new look taking over the Google Play Store.

Well, a dark mode is easier on your eyes for one. It’s also a great way of preserving the battery life on phones that use OLED displays because it allows the device to turn off or dim individual pixels on the screen.

As reported by XDA, Google Play Store’s dark mode is available for version 16.6.25 of the app on Android 10. If you haven’t received it, don’t sweat it just yet. If the dark theme is rolling out to some users, it’s probably going to become available more widely soon.

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