Android vs iOS : Which OS is Best?

You will be able to Learn Android vs iOS : Which OS is Best? Today we are here with Detail guide on Android vs iOSFar be it from me to enter into a sterile debate between the two systems to determine which one offers the best features or which one has the best interface.

iOS and Android each have their own advantages and disadvantages, you just have to focus on the one that best suits its uses. I wouldn’t say iOS is easier, but it offers an interesting approach for neophytes, even if Android has become much simpler in recent versions, and Samsung’s interface is easy to understand.

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As far as updates are concerned, Apple has full control over the update support for its iPhone. This varies from 24 to 48 months or more. Based on an operating system with an open Linux kernel, the Android operating system is highly customizable and more flexible on its policy. However, it is precisely its opening that can cause delays in updates. Fortunately, Google is trying to fix the problem.


Mobile security is too often overlooked by businesses, but if you’re issuing devices to your employees, you should make certain that they’re as secure as humanly possible. The list of vulnerabilities, exploits and other security flaws that have been discovered in the Android OS is long and extensive, as is the list of malware-riddled apps found on the Google Play Store.

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iOS benefits from a better reputation, but it’s far from unhackable. Recent notable flaws including the HomeKit bug and the Meltdown/Spectre debacle. instances of major exploits in Apple’s devices are much, much fewer than on Android, however, and it benefits from faster software rollouts, too. Apple can push updates to all of its handsets directly, whereas Android users must wait until their phone maker has implemented a version of Google’s update that, works with its own Android skin.

Advantage of Android

  1. Android Is More Customizable Can change almost anything.
  2. In Android, any new publication can be done easily and without any review process
  3. Android Offers an Open Platform
  4. Easy access to the Android App Market
  5. Upcoming versions have a support to save RAW images
  6. Built-in Beta Testing and staged rollout.

Advantage of iOS

  1. Excellent UI and fluid responsive
  2. Developers can design apps because of less number of models.
  3. Security.
  4. Metal and shiny coating are ultimate for Apple devices.
  5. Jailbreaking for customization.
  6. Generates less heat when compared to Android
  7. Excellent for media entertainment
  8. Suits for business and gaming
  9. iOS Is More “Intuitive”

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