How to use Android 10 Location settings

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Android needs. In today’s article, We will go over Location permission on Android Q. If you’re wondering how to use Android 10 Location settings.

How to use Android 10 Location settings

Part of privacy settings but worth highlighting on their own is the control Android 10 gives you over the location. It’s important enough to have its own tab in the settings menu too, after all.

Android 10 now gives you the option to have Location turned on, off or only while using the app, so you can choose to only let apps like Uber, Google Maps or Deliveroo access your location when you need the app to do so.

It means that the sometimes-sneaky nature of apps to run in the background and access your location when you’re not using the app is easily stopped. Some app developers harvest that location data to build a profile of your habits and sell that data on. Not all apps, mind you, but it happens. This is the best way to stop that data from being collected.

Go to Settings > Location and select the app you want to change.

You’ll see that the system also shows Recent location requests to highlight possible rogue apps that you want to turn location off for.

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