7 Top Camera Features of Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus, YOU MUST KNOW!

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s article, We will go over the 7 Top Camera Features of Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus, YOU MUST KNOW!

7 Top Camera Features of Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus

#1. Shoot using all 3 lenses while video recording

Change your rear video recording setting to 1920 x 1080 and you will be able to shoot video using all three lenses on the galaxy s10 and the s10 plus. The primary lens is the only lens that can shoot in 60 fps. All the other lenses, can only shoot in 30 fps and hence get activated when you choose to shoot at 1080p at 30 fps.

  • Open Camera
  • Then Go to Camera Settings on the top left corner
  • Tap on Rear Video Size
  • Then tap on Resolution
  • Change the setting FHD 30fps (1920 x 1080)
  • Now you can use all three lenses while video shooting

#2. Motion Photo

Capture moments before you take a photo and then you can pick a frame and save it as a photo in your gallery. Best way to never miss a moment that you want to take a picture of.

  • Open Camera
  • Then Go to Camera Settings on the top left corner
  • Motion Photos
  • Tap to enable it.

If you take a motion photo, you go into the gallery and played back it gives you a preview of what happened before took a shot but if you hold it while it’s playing the motion photo and you scrub your finger on the photo, you can run it frame by frame and if you like a frame you can just stop there Tap on Capture on top right corner and you can save that frame.

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#3. Identify food items and calories in it

Use Bixby vision and point your camera on a food item, fruit or vegetable – the Galaxy S10 camera would immediately tell you how many calories are contained in it.

#4. In-built Document Scanner

In case you want to scan text or a document or a whiteboard, just point your camera at it and it would give you the option to scan. The phone will then create a very high-quality image of that text as if you scanned that document.

  • Open Camera
  • Then Go to Camera Settings on the top left corner
  • Go into Scene Optimizer
  • Enable Document scan option

#5. Duplicate Camera Shutter

Just slide the camera shutter key to create another camera shutter key. Once you have done you can just drag it back to remove.

#6. Camera in Pop Up View

Use your Galaxy S10 camera while using any other app.

  • Open Camera
  • Go to Recent app
  • Tap on the camera icon
  • Tap on Open in pop-up view
  • The small camera window will open on your screen, you can also resize the window to whatever size you want. To take a picture, once you have done, tap on minimizing icon.

#7. Burst Shot

Combine multiple images to create GIF Keep the camera shutter key pressed to take 100 shots in one go. Stitch them together and edit to create a GIF out of it.

You can create a GIF on tap three dots on the top right corner and you can loop it, played in front direction or reverse direction. You can also remove some frames that you don’t want and add some frames too. You also manage the speed of GIF played or change the aspect ratio.

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