10+ Battery Tips to Improve Battery Life in Huawei And Honor Smartphones

Welcome to the best home guide of Huawei’s needs. In today’s article, We will go over Improve Battery Efficiency in Huawei. If you’re wondering how to Improve Battery Life On Huawei and Honor Smartphones. This all processes one by one that easy to understand.

Battery life is a very important aspect of mobile phone users. Everyone hopes their battery could last for a long time, but it can be reduced by daily use. In this article, I will show you some tips on power-saving settings to help you reduce the cell phone power consumption.


The screen of the mobile phone has grown from 256 colors to 16M colors, and the resolution has been improved from QVGA resolution to 2K resolution. The display effect is getting better and better, but power consumption is also increasing. Here are some power saving tips on the screen:

  •  Lower screen resolution or set it to Smart resolution

Go to Settings–>Display–>Screen resolution

PS: If you have a high demand for display, you can skip this one.

  •  Set Brightness to Auto-adjust

Go to Settings–>Display–>turn on Brightness Automatic

  •  Shorten Screen sleep time to 15s or 30s.

Go to Settings –>Display –> Sleep.

2. System power saving settings

  • Turn on Power saving mode

Go to Settings–> Battery –> turn on the Power Saving Mode

  •  Use the Optimizer feature to clean up background applications

3. Select “allow battery optimization”

Go to Settings–> Apps–> Permissions–> tap on three dots in the up right corner–>Special access–> Battery optimization.

4. Standby signal

If the signal is poor, the phone will frequently search the Internet, which will increase the power consumption. When the signal is poor, the power consumption of the mobile phone is much higher than that when the signal is normal. In this case, it is recommended to turn on Airplane mode temporarily to reduce power consumption. Turn off the airplane mode when the signal is stable.

5. Games

Turn off high-frame-rate mode

In order to make the screen display more beautiful and clear to provide a better visual experience, many game developers upgrade the configuration to high-frame-rate mode. However, when the high-frame-rate mode is turned on, the power consumption increases significantly. Therefore, if the game performance is stable in normal mode, it is recommended to turn off the high-frame-rate mode to save power.

6. Application notification management

More and more applications are installed on our phones, and many applications automatically push notifications. Frequent notifications will increase power consumption. We can turn off unnecessary application notifications to reduce power consumption and improve battery life.

Go to Settings–> Notifications–> Batch Management–>disable All. Then enable the applications you need to receive notifications, such as “Messenger”, “WhatsApp”.

7. App launch

Take manual control of how apps launch to prevent them from always running in the background.

Go to Settings –> Apps –> App Launch –> Manage all automatically, disabled all apps. Then manually manage the apps according to your actual needs. 

Tips: the above settings may have a certain impact on the background apps to receive notifications, you can give important apps the access according to your actual needs.

8. Disable wake up the device

Go to Settings –> Smart assistance –> Motion control –> Pick up, and disable Wake device.

When pick up to wake the device is turned on, the device may be woken up when you don’t need to wake up it, which can result in battery drain. So disabling this feature can help you save power.

9. Turn off Hotspot in time after use

If another phone is connected to your hotspot, it will consume your mobile data and battery. So it is recommended to turn off your hotspot in time after use.

10. Optimize battery usage

Open the Optimiser on the home screen and touch OPTIMISE. The system will automatically detect the items that may cause power consumption. You can optimize it manually.

11. Turn off networking permissions for less-used apps

Open Optimiser and touch Data usage to check the data usage ranking. Then, you can go to Network access to set up networking permissions for less-used apps, including Mobile data and Wi-Fi.

Note: Some settings might be slightly different in various versions.

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